Lund's Swedish Pancakes
Swedish pancakes are quite different from ordinary pancakes. This campaign for Lund’s Swedish Pancake Mix tells that story by sharing how eating Lund’s makes you different from ordinary by making you a little more Swedish.

Copywriter: Sydney Bonner


A series of print ads reveal what separates Lund’s Swedish Pancakes from an average pancake, along with some unusual details about Swedish culture. 


Lund’s Swedish Pancake Mix packaging uses Swedish folk and modern art to showcase the unique character of the product. The tin includes a booklet containing facts about Swedish culture along with Lund’s favorite recipes, and a coupon as a thank you to Lund’s customers. 


Using Snapchat, you can transform yourself into a blonde Swedish model. 

Lund's Snapchat Template Master2.jpg

A series of TV Spots tell the story of an ordinary guy attempting courtship with a Swedish model at the grocery store. After a non-successful attempt at getting her attention, Lund’s magic is his only hope at having a shot with the girl of his dreams.  

TV (Continued)
After winning the Swedish model over as his girlfriend, he seizes the opportunity to show off his new prize to his parents. They are quick to question if this is a relationship that will last. 


TV (Continued)
The Swedish wedding has arrived. The groom’s nerdy buddies try to figure out how he persuaded a beautiful Swedish model as a bride. After eating Lund’s pancakes during the reception, they go head-to-head in trying to woo the affections of the Swedish maid of honor.