Lund’s Swedish Pancakes

Aside from things like Ikea and fish-shaped candy, Swedish Culture might seem strange. But that can be a good thing, especially with Lund’s Swedish Pancakes. They’ll put Aunt Jemima to shame with how sweet they taste (think crepes), while also dropping some knowledge on Swedish Culture, so it doesn’t seem so strange. A heads up though, you might not want to approach a Swede with a plate of Lund’s. Swedish hospitality only goes so far when they’re hangry. You’ve been warned.

Art Director/Designer: Shane Matula
Copywriter: Sydney Bonner


Packaging approach before




Combining traditional Swedish folk and modern art showcases a quirky brand personality. Adding a special printed insert of recipes, coupons and Swedish factoids, brings the product experience to a higher level of enjoyment.


A series of print ads reveal what separates Lund's Swedish Pancakes from an average pancake, along with some unusual details about Swedish culture.