On bachelorhood, inner tubes, and properly launching.

I’ll start with the bachelor thing.

I hold a bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and Communication Design from Texas State University in San Marcos. Which means I have an appreciation for good graphic design and have mastered the fine art of floating down a river in an inner tube, or kayak, or stand up paddle board. I am also a bachelor in the other sense of the word, which means I can work long hours without trashing any relationships and resenting my employer. I do however have an arrogant cat. All he wants is kibble. So I must go home on occasion. Other than that I'm all yours.

Floating around Austin.

I’ve served as a floater and an extra set of hands for a few agencies in the breakfast taco capital of the world. Internships at White Hat Agency, Livestrong Foundation, and Fosforus have introduced me to a handful of programs and applications that have added to my skill set.

Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, After Effects, and Premiere Pro for instance. Need something crazy like Godzilla wearing a fez hanging out with King Kong in London at tea time? Want that logo to be bigger? Need a few Michael Bay explosions and to have the Millennium Falcon flying around in a video? I can do all those things, along with coming up with creative ideas that solve real problems. 

In addition to internships, I attended the One Club’s four-day workshop held in a real- world agency setting and escaped with all fingers and toes intact. My experiences have also made me a formidable coffee wrangler and I’m now available for internships, or full-time employment.

Initiating launch sequence in three, two, one.

I’m currently being readied for full-time deployment by Brand Commandeer, Bart Cleveland, Chief Engineer of Job Propulsion Lab in Austin, TX. Bart has helped further refine my abilities through an intensive process of repeated beatings. He has furthered my appreciation for collaboration. He has strengthened my resolve. He has tortured me at the stake of digital and social activation. Bart has refined my abilities and thickened my skin.  I’ve never felt so ready for launch.